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What is Founders Network?

Founders Network is a vibrant biz-tech network that aims to cultivate a community of entrepreneurially minded individuals and promote programming literacy. Founders Network focuses on helping students propel their tech skills and creative goals through three channels: education, entrepreneurship, and industry.






Western Campuses


Majors Represented


Monthly Seminars & Workshops, Development Projects, Weekly Project Meetups & Scrum, Github Portfolio, Product Showcase

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Socials, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Ideas Workshops, Future View Conference, Entrepreneurial Speaker Series, Technology Showcase, Pitch Competitions

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Case Competitions, Resume Workshops, Career Panels, Kickstarter Workshop, Career Fairs, Techlink, Algorithms Practice

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Student Network Facilitates 'Dream Team' Developments

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Our Team

Founders Network is led by a diverse team of students majoring in a multitude of disciplines at Western University. We share a common passion for technology and we believe that programming skills are essential and applicable regardless one’s major.

Cindy Zhang


Justin Tang

Chairman, Co-President

Nick Elder

Head of Operations & Entrepreneurship

David Nisenbaum

Co-head of Education & Projects

Adam Gencarelli

Co-head of Education & Projects

Frank Dong

Co-head of Industry

Niko Virvilis

Head of Marketing & Community

Joshua Williams

Head of Finance & Business Development

Reid Vender

Head of Web Technologies

Affiliates & Partners

All of our affiliates and partners are satisfied with our organization. Hopefully your company is next.