Education & Projects

Bonding over technology breeds innovation and creates partnerships that can last forever. Founders Network is committed to creating a collaborative environment where student can build, break, and most importantly, learn together.

Mission Statement

The Education & Projects portfolio is here to help you get your hands dirty and write some code. Club members will have the opportunity to work on projects throughout the year and attend educational sessions to learn about new technologies and upcoming trends in the industry. The Education & Projects Portfolio will help you develop the necessary skills to bootstrap your next startup, create an MVP, or just learn about what technologies the top tech companies are using.

Meet People

Discuss Ideas

Write Code

Develop Portfolio

Weekly Meetups

Founders Network club members will be able to participate in developing their own projects. Project Leads will lead weekly meetings in order to help resolve issues and be available for any questions. This is the time to bring in fresh ideas, concerns, and get in a room to work together.

Monthly Educationals

Each month, a programming workshop will be hosted by technical experts to both teach content and provide hands-on technical skills. These educational sessions will introduce students to new technologies, as well as provide a time to gain some hands-on skills with those technologies.

Project Showcase

At the end of each semester, Founders Network will host a Projects Showcase, where individuals and teams can demonstrate their apps and talk about what they learned. Members would then get the opportunity to see other applications being showcased and discuss different projects and the inspirations behind them.