Mission Statement

The Entrepreneurship portfolio aims at connecting members with the exciting prospect of entrepreneurship as a hobby, job, or career. Events in this area will be aimed at introducing members to the prospect of entrepreneurship, driving their engagement with like minded peers, connecting them to the forefront of innovation, and catalyzing their involvement in entrepreneurial endeavours.


The Idea-A-Thon is a fast paced viable business idea generation event, but just one of many hosted by the Entrepreneurship portfolio this year. Attendees will connect with their existing friends as well as other club members in multiple rounds of idea generation. Similar to a Hackathon, where individuals generate an idea and see it to fruition, the Idea-A-Thon focuses in on the key step of generating a viable business idea. Members will weigh industry trends, other startups, and anticipate future demand in small teams to conceptualize viable business opportunities.

The Spark

The Entrepreneurship portfolio aims to spark an interest in and love of entrepreneurship at all of its events. Our goal is to expose our members to everything they need to become comfortable with the idea of taking a leap to work on their own projects.

Hands On

With direct exposure to entrepreneurs currently working on ventures, a focus on developing skills, and analysis of the future, the hands on nature of our events prepare members to work directly on their own projects. And with countless like minded peers near by, Entrepreneurship events may be the place you meet your future cofounders.