What is a Founder?

"Founder" is a term which has gained popularity in Silicon Valley for someone who successfully initiates a technology-related startup.

We believe that being a Founder does not stop at just entrepreneurship. Founders thrive in many different leadership settings such as intrapreneurship, project management, and even technical roles where one must lead a team of say, product engineers.

Exceptional Founders are able to manage teams effectively while maximizing potential, communicate clearly and persuasively, formulate realistic strategies to achieve ambitious goals, and consistently augment the success of their ideas, projects and ventures.

How can Founders Network improve my leadership capabilities?

Here at Founders Network, we don't just focus on connecting you with other leaders and entrepreneurs. We will help you realize your leadership potential so that you have the ability to excel not only throughout your university career, but also in all relevant job careers for the rest of your life.

Through our meticulously prepared events and program structure, we push our members past their limits so that they can become more creative, prolific leaders.

Why should I join Founders Network?

Founders Network is the perfect club for anyone interested in business, technology, and/or entrepreneurship. We strive to improve the calibre of innovation here at Western to a level you might find in major technological centres such as Silicon Valley. We do this through our wide array of events and programs. We offer various opportunities for students to improve their technical skills, engage with Western's society of Founders, and augment their leadership capabilities.

We believe that every student here at Western should have an opportunity to become a confident, pragmatic leader with the means and knowhow to put their ideas into action. Our mandate as a university club is to help our members achieve this standard. Whether it be through learning practical technical skills, speaking with industry professionals, or developing leadership traits with your own entrepreneurial venture, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Is Founders Network a Western University ratified club?

Yes. Founders Network is an independent non-profit organization and is also ratified by the University Students Council at Western University.

How can I become a member?

The organization operates throughout the school year, and is open to all Western University students. There is no hard deadline for prospective members so you can sign up at any time through Western Link. There is a $10 annual membership fee to support the group's operations.

How can I apply to the executive team?

Founders Network will open up applications for Director and General Executive positions in the coming weeks. We are always looking for new talent, and invite everyone with relevant experience to apply. We value individuals who are motivated and identify with our mission of fostering innovation and leadership at Western University.