Future View Conference

Western Founders Network is proud to present Future View 2017, a new conference launching at Western hosting nine speakers on the latest emerging technologies!

Western’s very first emerging tech conference will take place at Western University on Saturday March 18th. At just $18, you will be inspired by experts discussing Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Clean Tech, Deep Machine Learning, the political ramifications of misleading information online and so much more. Our speakers are travelling from London, Toronto, Detroit and even New York! Even better, come with your peers and get a discounted ticket for $15 with multiple ticket purchases.

Future View invites attendees from all backgrounds and disciplines, and not just students, but faculty staff, researchers, the wider Western community and beyond. Future View is a conference that exposes attendees to emerging, ground-breaking technologies and how they are transforming our landscape. Society is being revolutionised by these technologies. The forces of technology have implications politically, economically, socially and even philosophically. Some even argue it bears on own existence. Consequently, the implications impact everyone.

Our speakers include Harvard graduates, Global Director of Sustainable Building Services at EllisDon, founder of a Silicon Valley funded startup, former UN representative on the global Environmental Program and experts of deep machine learning, and are holders of internationally recognised awards.

Food will be provided. Entertainment will be provided. Innovation experts, CEOs of Silicon Valley funded start-ups and UN representatives will be provided. TechAlliance innovation breakout sessions will be provided. And fun will be mandatory. Join us to hear acclaimed speakers and view your future at Future View 2017!

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