Mission Statement

The industry portfolio aims to help students break into a professional workplace environment by providing the necessary resources and knowledge to do so. Events and activities in this portfolio will aim on expanding networks and build meaningful relationships with fellow students, emerging startups and various big name companies including Microsoft, IBM, and Propel.

Members & Alumni have landed positions at

Technology Consulting Case Competition

In previous years, the Founders Network has hosted Canada's first Microsoft Case Competition with more than 40 teams and 180 contestants competing. In association with Microsoft Canada, the competition intends to promote students from non-technical backgrounds to become more involved with utilizing technological platforms such as machine learning in a business environment. A thorough knowledge of how to apply technological programs and software to solve relevant industry problems gives you an obvious advantage in any field of interest. The Founders Network can provide you with the knowledge and resources to enable you to learn these concepts.

Careers Fairs & Panels

With today's ever growing job market, professional experience is considered a key factor in differentiating yourself from others. The careers branch of the industry portfolio aims to foster and develop these experiences and skills through various initiatives such as resume workshops, career panels, kickstarter workshops, career fairs, technical skills practices and mock interviews. Having a strong sponsorship and alumni network The Founders Network has the groundbreaking ability to connect Western students to startups and big name tech companies alike.

Venture Capital

New to The Founders Network is the venture capital branch which aims to support student entrepreneurs and startups. It will have the profound ability to connect startups with sponsors and various investment resources to ease the development in the early stages of the business, especially when alternative forms of financing are too limiting or too hard to secure. Resources will be made available to projects that have generated community support and/or recognized by the Founders Network. Projects will be assessed on the quality of their management team, the feasibility of the business plan, the originality of the proposal, and the progresses of the early product.